National Siblings Day!

Yes, it was yesterday! I had no idea this day existed.... haha did any of you? 

My sister put this picture on Instagram yesterday and I just  thought I should share!

Everyone... meet Seyi!

  • This is the same girl who yesterday dyed by ombre blue dress GREEN in the wash by accident! Yes people this would be the ombre dress I wore in Dubai! O and it wouldn't be a gorgeous jewelled coloured green but a sludgy, moss coloured earthy green (I'm still not over it!). Her reply....  'Yeh it sooo looks better this way' (I accept any words of condolences in the comment box!)

  • This is the same girl whose bedroom I use as a walk-in wardrobe when she's away at uni!!!

  • This is the same girl who will forever be a sounding board, fashion advisor, life coach and best friend

I wouldn't have her any other way! Love you

Eni x

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